Liverpool Takkan Loosening to Pursue Big Four Position

Liverpool Takkan Loosening to Pursue Big Four Position

Liverpool – Liverpool still have a chance to finish top four in the Premier League this season. Therefore, Steven Gerrard insists that the Reds will still mengejer victory in three games remaining.

In the Premier League standings currently, Liverpool is in fifth position, which stood at 61 points. They were within four points of Manchester United is in fourth position of the standings, six points ahead of Arsenal in the top three.

With three games remaining, ‘The Red’ is mathematically still have a chance to overtake scoring the two rivals.

However, efforts to Liverpool it certainly will not be easy. They will duel against Chelsea in the Premier League next season. After that, the team made by Brendan Rodgers was a row going against Crystal Palace and Stoke City.

Gerrard will leave Anfield this season, insists Liverpool will continue to fight until the last game. Liverpool captain was also aware that Rodgers had to shift some of its focus next season.

“I believe that the manager has been shifting eye to next season, but it matches still important,” said Gerrard on the club’s official website.

“You play for Liverpool Football Club, so you want to win all the games remaining and we want to continue to press the teams above us. If they slip in a few games, we are ready to overtake,” he added.