After the fuss Game Parma vs. Napoli

After the fuss Game Parma vs. Napoli

Parma – There was commotion among the players after the game was over Napoli Parma counter. Kubu Parma claimed Napoli insulting because it did not accept them fail to win.

Parma is brilliantly offset Napoli at the Ennio Tardini, during Sunday (10/05/2015) pm dawn earlier. They are even superior in the first two times.

Raffaele Palladino gave them the lead in the 9th minute, before disamakkan Manolo Gabbiadini in the 28th minute. But Cristobal Jorquera returned with Gialloblu back the upper hand in the 33rd minute.

Disadvantaged, Napoli more aggressive attacking Parma. The new results obtained in the 72nd minute through Dries Mertens. Despite continued dominant until the end of the game, Partenopei failed to add a goal and had to settle for a point against a team that has certainly relegated and labeled bankrupt.

The results turned out to trigger a scene. In the field, Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain and Parma goalkeeper Antonio Mirante seem at odds. They had to be separated teammate respectively in order to avoid any further incident.

The incident did not stop. Reported that the commotion in the hallway even lasts up into the dressing room. Parma claimed not only the Napoli players who take the words slur.

“We send a ‘message’ regular for the Serie A clubs and it’s more satisfying us as well as all workers in this club. But at the final whistle, there was a scandal. Listening to our so-called ‘failure’ and ‘degradation’ that hurts. Just because we give efforts in the field, “said Palladino quoted by Football Italia.