If Balotelli Removable Liverpool, Sampdoria Ready to Accommodate

If Balotelli Removable Liverpool, Sampdoria Ready to Accommodate

Genoa – Mario Balotelli’s future at Liverpool being so speculation. If later the Reds really let go, Sampdoria declared ready to recruit the Italian striker.

Balotelli, who once grazed in the Premier League with Manchester City, returned to England last summer after Liverpool bring it from AC Milan.

However, so far the 24-year-old has not been able to show off completely after only being able to make grain goals in the Premier with uniformed ‘The Red’.

It made Balotelli’s future at Anfield is now shrouded in speculation. Circulating rumors that Liverpool are ready melegonya in the transfer market this summer.

If it really happened, Il samp ready to become the next port of footballer who also played for Lumezzane and Inter Milan.

“I am ready to bring Balotelli,” said Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero told Gazzetta Football Italia TV quoted.

“Here, without the pressure that is in a big club he might again become a top player. If an attacker playing in a quieter neighborhood goals will come easier and if the situation goes bad taste upset people would not get too big.”

“Balotelli is currently not feel hunger and great determination, he was getting too much,” value.