Totti criticism, Wenger Bela Players are hooked selfie

Totti criticism, Wenger Bela Players are hooked selfie

LONDON – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, defending several players who had highlighted as upload photos to social media after the match against Manchester City last week. However, according to him, a fitting celebration is not excessive.

Earlier this week, the former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher criticized some Arsenal players celebrate upload photos Arsenal 0-2 victory over Manchester City. Furthermore, at the time Aaron Ramsey are uploading a picture in the locker room together with Per Mertesacker, Olivier Giroud, and Alex Chamberlain.

“We had to make a few things at the right level. We have to live with the fact that football is very popular these days, everything is analyzed. Sometimes too much but we had to remain at the level of the right and keep a distance, also put it all in perspective, “said Wenger, as reported by Goal, Monday (26/01/2015).

Francesco Totti recently to celebrate by taking photos selfie over Lazio goalkeeper. Wenger Precisely think what the AS Roma captain was excessive.

“There are limits as in the other day, I saw Totti scored and do the same. To be honest, it’s too far. They do that, they have the right to be happy. You want this game is still human. But still, they know they do not win Serie A, “said the Professor.