RVP Sad to See His performances this season

RVP Sad to See His performances this season

MANCHESTER Robin van Persie admitted sadly with his performance this season with Manchester United. The 31-year-old also said that it is very disappointed with the acquisition tally this season rolling.

Van Persie was carried off by a management official United in the summer transfer window 2012 and then of Arsenal with a ransom of 24 million pounds. In its inaugural season uniformed The Red Devils, Van Persie immediately took United won the Premier League champions and the top scorer with 27 goal nicks.

However, in this season of new rolling mengetarkan Van Persie nets opponent eight times out of 21 games that have gone through. It was then received an immediate response from the player concerned.

I’m disappointed and saddened by the number of these goals. I am certainly very meinginkan more often scored for Manchester United this season, “said Van Persie, as reported Sportsmole, Tuesday (27/01/2015).

So far, the number (eight goals) was not enough for me personally. I always feel hungry to score goals. So I will try as much as possible so that my performance in the field continues to increase, better yet, “added the Dutch national team players.