Role Model Young midfielder Carrick United

Role Model Young midfielder Carrick United

MANCHESTER – Manchester Unted midfielder, Ander Herrera, admitted that Michael Carrick is a role model figure. According to him, Carrick always give a lot of things to improve the quality of the game.

Herrera also illustrates the vice captain of the Red Devils as one of the best players ever. Calmness is also an important influence on the team, on and off the field.

“He (Carrick) always give us peace. He is a calm even while in the field. He gave me confidence when playing,” Herrera said as quoted by the official website, Saturday (31/01/2015).

“He is a role model for the younger players because they always try to help the players. Not just with words, but also through the attitude and composure,” he continued.

“He’s one of the best players and professional. We were all increased with his presence. I was fortunate to play with him.”

Unfortunately, Carrick should return absent due to muscle injury. He certainly could not perform counter Leicester City this weekend.