The return of Chelsea’s Ramires Will Awaken

The return of Chelsea's Ramires Will Awaken

LONDON Jose Mourinho hoping there is resurgence in the Chelsea players, painful postdefeat over Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday (01/01/2015). One that makes it feel confident that the Blues will rise is the figure of Ramires.

Chelsea started 2015 with a bitter taste, after the Spurs defeated by a score of 3-5. If reluctant dissolved with the defeat at White Hart Lane, Mourinho hasten his squad to get back to winning ways.

Ramires considered to be a resurrection supplement London Blue. As is known, the player whose full name is Ramires Santos do Nascimento, was absent due to injury.

The 27-year-old’s time to play against Spurs in the second round. Its role is considered Mou is not maximized. But the Portuguese coach was confident, Ramires will bring the Blues back to the track of victory.

Hopefully Ramires improved condition step by step. Tottenham he played 45 minutes. He’s a player we needed and he’s a player we are not yet had a chance in the first session of the season, “said Mourinho told the club’s official website on Sunday (04/01/2015).

When we have it, he was not really ready and finally we will have it, as in the best condition later, please Mou.

The Roman Emperor squad is still on top of the Premier League standings because superior because of the alphabet, from Manchester City. Chelsea will go down in the third round of the FA Cup with challenged Watford at Stamford Bridge on Monday (01/05/2015) early morning hrs.