Pires Sanjung Fabregas high as sky

Pires Sanjung Fabregas high as sky

REIMS – Contributions Cesc Fabregas for Chelsea so impressive and bring praise addressed to him. One of them came from Arsenal legend Robert Pires.

Imported from Barcelona in the summer transfer window, Fabregas directly into the motor plotted attacks the Blues in every game. Although, this is not the first time he was grazed in the Premier League.

27-year-old player had tasted costumed Arsenal in mid-2003 to 2011, even had a team captain. During that time, Fabregas never felt playing the field with Pires who actively defend the Gunners in 2000-2006.

As if to reminisce while competing alongside Fabregas, Pires tried to give their views on the role of the player for his team. He was a player back number four was already growing rapidly.

“I remember when I first saw Cesc (Fabregas) play and I said ‘wow’. I think he’s got a good future, so it is not a surprise to me when he saw him play perfectly (with Chelsea) because Cesc is a very good player, “said Pires, as reported by Sky Sport, Thursday (01/29/2015).

“He played very well when he was at Arsenal. He continued to study, when he returned to play football in Barcelona and now of course he has done very well in this season with Chelsea. He’s young, but he brings a lot of experience to Chelsea, “he added.

For information, Fabregas has recorded 20 assists in all competitions for Chelsea this season. With performance continues to climb, it is not likely he be the best steward of the Blues in the Premier League.