Mou Ask Chelsea Fans Adopt Liverpudlian

Mou Ask Chelsea Fans Adopt Liverpudlian

LONDON Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho admitted impressed with the full support shown Liverpudlianterm Liverpool fans when dealing with central Liverpool this week. Therefore, he was hoping Chelsea fans able to mimic what is shown Liverpudlian.

In a match that took place at Anfield on Tuesday (21/01/2015) early morning, Chelsea have to end the game with the score 1-1 from Liverpool. In fact, the Blues capable of winning first through a penalty from Eden Hazard in the first round.

But Liverpool forward, Raheem Sterling able to score the equalizer midway through the second position. Overall appearance farm club Brendan Rodgers was indeed very impressive.

It was then received a positive response from Mourinho. Portuguese coach believes that the most influential factor of Liverpool appearance is not separated from the full support given by the fans. He also hopes Chelsea fans do the same.

I am very impressed with the actions committed by their fans (Liverpool), they made a very noisy stadium. I guess that’s what makes Liverpool played very well in the match yesterday, “said Mourinho, as reported by The Guardian, Thursday (22/01/2015).

I hope that when the second leg later (at Chelsea) our fans to do the same. They should imitate what Liverpool fans while at Anfield, make noise, and provide full support to our team, “added the former Real Madrid coach.