King Henry Believe Wenger’s decision to Recruit Gabriel

King Henry Believe Wenger's decision to Recruit Gabriel

LONDON – Legendary Players Arsenal, Thierry Henry praise to former club’s new signing, Gabriel Paulista. According to the former French National Team player, defender Gabriel is a figure that is filled with incredible talent.

Gabriel brought by a management official Arsenal of Villarreal in the winter transfer market this January with a dowry of 15 million pounds. However, not many people know about the talent possessed by the Brazilian.

Even some of the judge that the Gunners coach Arsene Wenger has made gambling by bringing Gabriel to the Emirates Stadium. Looking at it, then make Henry also provide comments on these responses.

“I’ve heard about the criticism of Wenger’s decision to bring Gabriel Pulista to Arsenal. I think all of these words does not have any effect, because Gabriel is a player option Wenger, “said Henry, as reported by Sky Sports on Tuesday (27/01/2015).

“I always believe that Wenger on Arsenal’s doing his job very well. He always knows what’s best for Arsenal, so I guess it is not a big problem on his decision to bring Gabriel, “added the 37-year-old former player was.