Hindered Chelsea Walls to Get Messi

Hindered Chelsea Walls to Get Messi

LONDON The news will be the departure of Lionel Messi to Chelsea, it attracted a lot of attention to the world of football lovers. However, for the sake of keeping the news is not pushed anywhere, assistant coach Jose Mourinho, Steve Holland spoke.

According to the 40-year-old man, did not allow for Chelsea to bring four times the world’s best players to Stamford Bridge. Messi release clause is so high that the main reason why London Blue should deter recruiting El Messiah.

Messi has a release clause of 250 million euros, or approximately 3.8 trillion. If there is a team that is able to spend for it, automatic man born in Rosario will play in the club is able to pay the outstanding cost.

Earlier, Mourinho also said it was difficult to recruit 27-year-old man, because the rules of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) set UEFA restrict the movement of rich teams to shopping players. It was also confirmed Holland.

Getting Messi with the persistence of the FFP rules is impossible. Sometimes the club should be reactive, but I hope no one comes or goes in the transfer market this time. I’m happy with what we got, he said as quoted the Goal, Saturday (01/10/2015).