Chelsea 5-0 Win Over Swansea, Mou Surprised

Chelsea 5-0 Win Over Swansea, Mou Surprised

SWANSEA Capitalize first-quality, Chelsea could have scored with a margin above the number one or two in every game dilakoninya. But against Swansea City, Jose Mourinho actually surprised his team won 5-0.

Coaches who dubbed him The Happy One that assess the quality of the game The Swans are in the top five, and on the assessment. He and his foster children do not expect to win big at the weekend of the 22 Premier League this.

(Swansea) is in the top 10, but they may have the quality of football played in the top five. So we did not expect to win with a score of 5-0, but we did start very well and everything goes according to our expectations, I Mourinho told Sky Sports News, Sunday (01/18/2015).

Even interpreter tactic often addressed this Mou sure, John Terry et al could win bigger than the team generated opportunities. However, Mou still happy with the quality of the team shown.

The first half was very good, we are solid and have good control of the ball. As well as our decisions in the face of the opponent’s goal is best. We got on the crossbar twice and could have scored more. I am happy with this point and the quality of our football game, said Mou closing the conversation.