Blind Proud to Have Multiple Capabilities

Blind Proud to Have Multiple Capabilities

MANCHESTER Have the ability to play in a number of positions, in fact, is a very valuable thing for most footballers. Daley Blind who have these skills, proud and confident of a positive impact for Manchester United.

Imported from Ajax Amsterdam last summer, Blind provides multiple options in the scheme of the United game. Besides being able to play as a guard heart of the defense, the 24-year players are also capable of serving as an anchor midfielder.

In some games the Red Devils, the Dutch national team players are often placed in different positions by Louis van Gaal. Even so, he considers skill acquired while still in uniform Ajax could be useful for the Red Devils.

I love being able to play in several positions, I do not see it as something negative. I think it can actually help the team and very nice too, because the coaches have more than one choice in me, “said Blind MUTV, Friday (01/23/2015).

When I used to play with Ajax changed positions several times in one game, and I tried to learn about what it takes to play in several positions. Now it is easier for me to make the transition game quickly, because I know what to do. I think it is important, “said Blind.