Vidic Agrees to Return to Manchester United?

Vidic Agrees to Return to Manchester United?

Milan Nemanja Vidic said to have reached an agreement to re-strengthen personal Manchester United in January.

The 33-year defender officially joined Inter Milan at the beginning of this season after his contract runs out with Manchester United.

Rarely gets a chance to play regularly, Serbian center-back was called began to think to leave Italy. Stepping up to the 14th week of Serie A Italian League, new Vidic pack nine appearances.

The conditions used by MU try being in need of figure tough and experienced central defender. Storm that blanketed the number back injury mainstay make coach Louis van Gaal trying to find a substitute in the team behind the sector.

MU appearance of a rising certainly could be a temptation for Vidic to return to Old Trafford. For eight seasons defend MU, Vidic never offered many titles including the English Premier League title and the Champions League. [Yob]