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Troubled by the Tax and Payroll, Point Reduction Taxable Parma

Troubled by the Tax and Payroll, Point Reduction Taxable Parma

Rome It is in the bottom of the table, AC Parma other problems after FIGC sentence points deduction. The sanctions were imposed because Gialloblu problems with taxes and player salaries.

Threat reduction points against Parma has emerged since about two weeks ago. On November 17, Parma failed to meet the deadline set for salary arrears.

For failure to meet the deadline, Parma punishable by a reduction in points. Although the threat of the toughest is the reduction of six points, Parma it was just reduced by one point. Similarly FIGC confirmed through the official website.

In addition to late payment of salaries, Parma last season was also involved in a tax. The case eventually made Gialloblu lose the right to play in European competition.

In addition to the reduction of points, the FIGC also confirmed the collapse of a fine of 5,000 euros in Parma. President Tommaso Ghirardi and director Pietro Leonardi each fined the same and bans for two months.

Before this sentence is knocked FIGC, the new Parma six points from 14 matches. Of the match squad Roberto Donadoni made two wins and 12 defeats.