Tame Derby, Chelsea Translucent Semifinals

Tame Derby, Chelsea Translucent Semifinals

Derby Chelsea still look seriously if only to face a team from the second division, Derby County, in the quarterfinals of the League Cup on Wednesday morning (12/17/14) pm.

In the match held at the Stadium IPRO Chelsea won 3-1. Chelsea’s third goal registered in the name of Eden Hazard, Filipe Luis and Andre Schurrle. The host could reduce equalize through Craig Bryson.

Chelsea in the semi-final opponent will be determined by lot on 18 December pm.

Derby coach, Steve McLaren, lowering the 4-3-3 formation that often transformed into a 4-5-1 with putting Chris Martins as a lone striker. Simon Dawkins and Johnny Russell plotted as a winger who often come down to help the defense.

In Chelsea, coach Jose Mourinho lowering 4-5-1 scheme. Didier Drogba became the sole attacker with the support of a trio of deadly midfielder Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Andre Schurrle.

The game:

Chelsea in control of the game from the beginning of the fight. Eden Hazard et al convenient drain ball of the foot to foot. But that does not mean they can easily penetrate the defenses of Derby.

The home team last meeting as there is no intention to attack. Ninth minute, Drogba got a shot in the right side of the penalty box. Unfortunately, meeting the escort of defenders make Drogba failed shot perfectly. The ball deviated from the target.

Created a new goal in the 23rd minute. Fabregas fired accurate feedback to Hazard in the penalty box. His right foot to make the ball lodged in the lower right corner of the opponent’s goal. Chelsea 1-0.

Four minutes later, Chelsea had a chance back in the penalty box of Filipe Luis. This time the ball can be countered Derby goalkeeper Lee Grant.

Chelsea were forced to make the turn four minutes before half-time. Central defender Kurt Zouma pulled out due to injury. His position was then filled Branislav Ivanovic. Score lasted until the first half ended.

In the second half, Derby tried to steal a chance at the beginning. A cross successfully released on the 47th minute but can be countered goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Precisely Chelsea added advantage nine minutes later. Got shot in the penalty box, Filipe Luis measurable kick left foot, curled into the top right corner of the opponent’s goal. The Blues away with a score of 2-0.

Derby apparently did not give up. 71 minutes, use the feedback Jonny Russell, Craig Bryson kicks from the penalty box and netted the bottom left corner of Cech’s goal. Still it 2-1 to Chelsea.

Chelsea back away in the 82nd minute through Andre Schurrle, kick ball gag harness Mohamed Salah. Schurrle make a left foot shot the ball nestled in the bottom center of the goal. Score 3-1 to survive until the end.