Performance The Gunners 2014, Satisfy Wenger

Performance The Gunners 2014, Satisfy Wenger

LONDON Arsene Wenger admitted very satisfied with the performance shown by his side, Arsenal during the year 2014. Today, the Frenchman called for the Gunners squad to remain focused on maintaining their performance in 2015.

Arsenal is fairly wade throughout 2014 with quite impressive. Where the North London club is able to end their fasting title that has lasted since 2004.

Looking at the facts, make Wenger also commented on Jack Wilshere cs performance throughout the year progressed. In fact, the former coach of AS Monaco was deeply satisfied with the performance of Arsenal this year, and asked them to continue to maintain the momentum that has been built.

Overall, 2014 was a very positive year for us. Therefore, we were able to obtain 79 points last season and also won the FA Cup, “Wenger said, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (12/31/2014).

However, we were not able to do much in the Champions League with the submission of (Bayern) Munich. However, for me overall positive enough, “said the 65-year-old coach.

This season, we will see where we will finish. However, I think we are at a point where we were able to achieve something. Nowadays, I think the momentum in which we were able to obtain a lot more points and achieve better results, he concluded.