Fabregas: Weight, Chelsea Seize Opportunities Degree!

Fabregas: Weight, Chelsea Seize Opportunities Degree!

London For eight seasons strengthen Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas can only won one FA Cup. Now with Chelsea, Fabregas said that his chances to win the title is much more difficult. Why?

During eight seasons with Arsenal, Fabregas has not even won the Premier League. Now, joined the team as strong as Chelsea, many of which assess the potential for the Spanish national team midfielder won the Premier League title is greater. Fabregas did not agree

This league has grown since I went in 2011, especially in defense and also in terms of the stability of the game is trying to obtain the team. Coaches and teams are afraid of losing points this time, “said Fabregas as reported by the official Chelsea website.

I think the top teams attacked more difficult than before. Spain was superb technique and in the UK seems to still rely on tactics. However, a lot of progress here, he said.

After leaving Arsenal, the 27-year-old player had a chance to play in La Liga with Barcelona for three seasons and won the La Liga title.

But that does not mean in Spanish is more difficult than in the UK, mainly because of the fans, passion, and commitment, we currently away definitely difficult but our team of continuous talk,” he asserted.

So far, Fabregas has scored 11 assists and one goal, helping the Blues topped the standings with five points from nearest rivals, Manchester City.