Di Maria Reveals Greatest Problems at MU

Di Maria Reveals Greatest Problems at MU

MANCHESTER Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria has revealed he suffered a number of problems in the UK, but the main problem is the cold weather.

“Here is much cooler and here comes the night sooner than in Spain. I‘ve got no problem with food or anything else. There’s not much difference between what I experienced in Spain and here. The only problem was the cold weather,” I Di Maria.

Di Maria of Real Madrid Manchester United recruited in August 2014. This was his first experience of playing in England. In addition, the move to Manchester United, Di Maria was absent in the Champions League, Premier League as Manchester United ended the 2013-2014 in seventh position.

Together MU Di Maria has played 11 times in the Premier League, with the donation of three goals and six assists. MU was able to penetrate the zone four after beating Arsenal and keep up to date (week 14).

Yes, I miss the Champions League. We will do our best this season in order to play in the tournament next season. It’s not easy. However, a few weeks ago we were ranked eighth in the standings ketuju or the Premier League and now we are in fourth position. We have to keep working, said Di Maria.

“The most want to accomplish is to qualify for the Champions League, where it should be for this club. I also wanted the title, but I realized that we had to move slowly because of the manager and some players are still new at this club.”

I have to adapt to my colleagues, because there are still moments in the game where I felt I did not fully adapt to the game. The problem is also a little language makes trouble (adapt), but I’m trying to resolve it as soon as possible so that I can communicate with everyone .

Bekback here big and strong. But I was never afraid. If they hit me, it was not a problem. That’s part of the game. I will always display the style of my game, no matter of what the defenders.”