Chelsea defender accused Diving, Mourinho Not Accept

Chelsea defender accused Diving, Mourinho Not Accept

London Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, was received when his men accused divingatau pretend to fall for the benefit of the referee, in the win over Hull City on Saturday (12.13.14) pm.

The match took place in Stamofrd Bridge that ended with a score of 2-0. Goal scored by Eden Hazard and Diego Costa.

Pascalaga controversy arose concerning the action of defender Gary Cahill. Having received a yellow card for the offense against an opposing player, the England center-back was accused of diving in the penalty box but referee Chris Foy opponent did not give the card.

As a rule, a player who was given a yellow card diving mandatory If this happens, Chelsea will be playing with 10 men since the beginning of the second half.

Mourinho, despite claiming not see the incident clearly, still defends the 28-year-old defender.

“I do not want to comment because I do not see it on TV and I am very far,” said Mourinho as reported by Sky Sports. But I‘ve got a question like this before, from your colleagues in TV and radio, and I‘m not sure Cahill diving.”

And if you say to me that I was wrong because he did diving, there must be something going on. Or they hinder his run. Or they touch it. Or he lost his balance. But the big and to be honest, I’m not sure he’s diving in the penalty opponent, he added.

If Chelsea play with 10 men since the beginning of the second half, when the position was 1-0, it is quite possible Hull City could pursue because of the appearance of the Blues away from the nice words that night.

Luckily, the referee gave a red card for the player Hull, Tom Huddlestone, in the 61st minute that the Blues could be growing and scored by Diego Costa seven minutes later.

We did not play well enough, but we played pretty well for everyone associated with Chelsea: fans, players and staff. Stay calm, because the game is always in control, the 51-year-old coach memungkasi.

With this victory, Chelsea tops the standings with three points clear of nearest rivals.