‘Torres As Weah with Different Characteristics’

'Torres As Weah with Different Characteristics'

Milan – Fernando Torres has not show sharpness when defending AC Milan started the season. He is considered to be more akin to George Weah, rather than the type of striker like Filippo Inzaghi.

A total of nine games have been acted by Torres in Serie A. Shown for 517 minutes, he has contributed one goal.

Milan’s goals were scored while touring the headquarters of Empoli on 23 September. That means Torres has a goal of fasting for seven games.

About the capability Torres, coach Milan, Inzaghi, convinced that the Spanish striker will soon be able to make a positive contribution.

Ex penggawa other Milan, Demetrio Albertini, also leave a comment about Torres. He who once played with the El Nino during in Atletico Madrid, a judge of character players on loan from Chelsea.

Albertini mentions more like Weah Torres who opened the space for the other players, compared to Inzaghi who expertly exploit opportunities.

Fernando never just be my friend. He was a center forward who is a little unusual, in that he creates opportunities for others,” Albertini said on Football Italia.

He is not Inzaghi, who scored a goal and played like it. He looks more like Weah, with different characteristics. He did not score 20 goals during the season, but opened the space for other players to move,he added.