Torres on Process Adaptations in Italy and Milan Derby

Torres on Process Adaptations in Italy and Milan Derby

Milan As in Chelsea, still a little goals that have made Fernando Torres at AC Milan. What’s own assessment of the performance is never sharpened?

Already 9 acted Torres Serie A this season, six of them as a starter. However, of that number he wore only one goal, ie, when Milan drew 2-2 against Empoli in giornata 4.

In an interview with beIN Sports, Torres asked what difficulties he encountered in the team and the environment at this time.

It takes time to adapt because Italy is very different. It’s not more difficult, but it is different. It’s a matter of time. But now I feel more integrated with the team and understand what the team needed,” said the 30-year-old striker.

In the end, if you make a goal, people will say that you have to adapt.”

Then, why Torres are very keen on Atletico Madrid and Liverpool became barren in Chelsea?

I think it’s because every team has their own style of play. Atletico and Liverpool have a similar style, and I had a very good partnership with the players. At Atletico (then) there Dmetrio Albertini, Ibagaza, and then Maxi Rodriguez.

With them I feel a special connection. At Liverpool I have that kind of connection along with Xabi Alonso and especially Steven Gerrard.

Chelsea are very different game. You have to adapt to the team and sacrificing your quality to help the team,” he explained.

Sunday (11/23/2014) tomorrow night Torres had a chance to feel the derby aka Milan vs. Inter. As a large party, it certainly has its own motivation to be able to go to the field.

The opportunity to say I’ve won the Milan derbyis something that is timeless and will always be your memories,he said.

When the time comes, I will understand what the real meaning of the Milan derby. People may talk about it, but I would not know how this game until I was at the San Siro pitch.

You may have won many titles in his career, and played in many important games. But when you join a team with a different style of play, then you have to adapt first and then your colleagues will understand your style. So you can finally shine by scoring a lot of goals.

As I said, in the end goal was the one that counted. Attackers are assessed from a feed or assist her, but the number of goals he produces.”