‘Napoli Submit Excellence Free of charge To Cagliari’

'Napoli Submit Excellence Free of charge To Cagliari'

Naples Napoli can only reap a draw at home to Cagliari. Manager Rafael Benitez’s team was emotional because it was handed excellence that have been made to the visitors for free.

Playing at the San Paolo on Sunday (11/23/2014) night, Napoli 3-3 Cagliari offset. Though the club was nicknamed Partenopei first two goals by kicking Gonzalo Higuain and Gokhan Inler.

Cagliari equalized goal by Victor Ibarbo and Diego Farias. Napoli strive to excel again and managed to contribute Janathan de Guzman. But, Fariaz re-create the goals and Cagliari equalized.

A draw was quite regrettable Benitez. Therefore, they appear more dominant in possession of up to 61 percent. Napoli also more diligent in making experiments goal with 14 kick towards goal but only six were on target. Meanwhile, Cagliari just 11 attempts with six of them shots on goal.

“Times like attacking football and it makes the game always beautiful. After three or four games we played with last meeting, today we grasp the game. We could have recorded a score of more than 2-0, but instead decreased intensity and make Cagliari turned control of the match , “Benitez said as quoted by Football Italia.

Cagliari always be scored in their away games and if we can win three or four goals before halftime, the game will not end up like that.

Of course it sucks, after the hard work we even make mistakes, I am obviously not satisfied. We‘ve mastered the game.

The team has done anything to score a goal but we instead give one goal and the second goal could have happened. Not necessary to talk about the third goal. I am angry because we‘ve mastered the game but then handed away to Cagliari,” regrets the 54-year coach.

Additional one point it did not change the position of Napoli in Serie A. They kalsemen board remain in third on 22 points from six wins and four draws in 12 this week.
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