Make changes wouldn Formation Inter clumsy

Make changes wouldn Formation Inter clumsy

Milan – Substitution of coach Walter Mazzarri to Roberto Mancini will be followed by a change of formation. Nevertheless, the change of formation Andrea Ranochhia claim it will not make Inter Milan clumsy.

Mazzarri is a fan of the 3-5-2 formation. Therefore, he always uses three plus two wingback defender to survive and help the attack.

Unlike the case with Roberto Mancini, who has always relied on the formation of four defenders at the back. Considering Inter are already using the system implemented Mazzarri during the last two seasons, now they have to re-adapt the system to the other.

However, according to Ranocchia‘s not a problem for Inter. Prior to this, they have also been used to playing in a system of four defenders.

Formation is just a number. There are many teams win by using three or four defenders,” Ranocchia said as quoted by the Italian Football.

In recent years, we played with three defenders and I was quite comfortable playing with the system.”

Inter now beradadi ninth position of the standings with a collection of 16 of 11 matches, Beneamata won four times, drew four and lost three times.