Football and Sex Too Much Already Claimed Make Alexis Sanchez Fatigue

Football and Sex Too Much Already Claimed Make Alexis Sanchez Fatigue

Santiago Today Alexis Sanchez relied completely on Arsenal and the Chilean national team. Coupled with its activities in bed, he also claimed to have started to fatigue.

Since recruited Arsenal from Barcelona in the summer transfer window of the 25-year-old recorded Soccerway been reduced by 872 minutes in the Premier League, with 10 entered the starting lineup and once so substitute.

The appearance of a number of Alexis Sanchez has contributed a total of eight goals for the Gunners, plus two assists. The number of goals that make it so topskorer while Arsenal in the Premier League.

Not just in the competition, a player who also played for ColoColo, River Plate, and has also been helped Udinese Arsenal in 90 minutes League Cup, and 495 minutes in the Champions League and scored three goals. No wonder until it was thought that Arsenal are currently too dependent on him.

Alexis Sanchez increasingly busy remembering the moment he became one of the backbone of the Chilean national team. In November alone he has appeared twice in a friendly match opponent Venezuela (14 November) and Uruguay (18 November). In each game the goal is also successfully made.

Well, Alexis Sanchez activity increased again because he must serve her lover, Laia Grassi, in bed. That is why the media Chile La Cuarta claim that the current Alexis Sanchez has started exhausted because too many football games and sex.

The claim was based La Cuarta Alexis Sanchez after seeing action when Arsenal lost 1-2 to Manchester United at the weekend. The performance of the footballer in the game analogy La Cuarta as a cat who can be defeated turtles in the sprint race. That said, still claims that the media, particularly when Alexis Sanchez back from the task of defending the newest country, Laia Grassi did not want to stay away from his embrace these Arjuna. Though there are only a brief pause before the game against Manchester United on Saturday. It must be remembered that the new Sanchez arrived in Britain on Thursday after a long trip duration from Santiago,” wrote La Cuarta.