Claiming Ranocchia Shocked Mazzarri Fired

Claiming Ranocchia Shocked Mazzarri Fired

Milan Inter Milan defender Andrea Ranocchia, Walter Mazzarri admitted surprise when fired. According to him, the coach is in charge when the team was muddy. However, there are many other factors that affect the poor performance.

Mazzarri was fired on Nov. 14 after Inter ago not being able to look impressive this season. Of the 11 times a game, Beneamata won four times, drew four and lost three times.

Position Mazzarri replaced by Roberto Mancini. For Inter, Mancini is not a stranger. 49-year-old coach was never offered the Serie A title in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

When the news reached the ears Mazzarri sacked players, Ranocchia mengku that he and his colleagues shocked. We were all surprised because usually it can already smell from previous days. But, sacking it just happened at the weekend,” Ranocchia said as quoted by the Italian Football.

It is the choice of the club and the players have to accept this fact. When there is something wrong, it usually does pelatihlah should pay for it, but there always be other factors as well.”

For example, recently shared Mazzarri, there are a lot of injuries. So, the only player to play, that’s all.”

Nevertheless, Mancini Ranochhia welcomed positively. He believes, Mancini can lift the performance of Inter.

“Things could have been different with Mancini, because she immediately gave us a new enthusiasm,” said Ranocchia.