Immediately Bring Milan Pazzini Desire Path to Victory

Immediately Bring Milan Pazzini Desire Path to Victory

Milan AC Milan is currently undergoing a fast victory. Giampaolo Pazzini revealed his desire to return to winning ways, in order to pave the way for the Champions League next season.

At the beginning of the season, Milan had performed well by winning two consecutive wins over Lazio and Parma. Positive rate of Diavolo Rosso I was then halted when defeat of Juventus.

After that, Milan have not been able to rise. When diving match against Empoli and Cesena, they reap consecutive draw.

When Milan host Chievo on Sunday (05/10/2014), Pazzini expressed his desire to get back to a positive path.

We came from a bad year and want to bring Milan back into place,” Pazzini said on Football Italia.

There are a lot of enthusiasm and in the game on Saturday, we want to return to winning ways. Due to habitat Milan are the Champions League and we have to try to escape,” he added.