From Florenzi for the Grandma

From Florenzi for the Grandma

Rome Alessandro Florenzi probably the perfect picture of a grandchild. Attackers AS Roma celebrates his goal with his grandmother in the stands.

When Roma host Cagliari in the third giornata Serie A at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday (09/21/2014) night, Florenzi down as a starter. He became one of the trident Rome bersam Gervinho and Mattia Destro.

In the tenth minute, Florenzi become creators of the first goal scored by Destro Rome. His pass from the right side settled well by Destro is there at the far post.

Three minutes later, turn Florenzi that make goals. This time he is using the ball kick Gervinho is not perfect and then melesakkannya into the goal.

After scoring a goal, Florenzi ran toward the stands. He jumped over the fence and ran up the stairs to go to one of the rows of seats.

Florenzi then approached a middle-aged woman and hugged her. After getting a hug from Florenzi, the woman seemed touched and wiped her eyes with a tissue.