Relying Manchester City squad depth

Relying Manchester City squad depth

Relying Manchester City squad depth

Since the Premier League era, only two teams were able to retain the title, Manchester United and Chelsea. Can the champions last season, Manchester City, breaking the dominance of the two clubs?

Compared with other competitors, Manchester City look more calm during the preseason this time. Restrictions on the transfer of funds penalty for breach of the Financial Fair Play makes the club did not have much choice. Maximum of 60 million euros of funds that may be issued is not enough to buy a star player.

The Citizens lucky got two quality players freely that Bacary Sagna, who runs a contract from Arsenal, and Frank Lampard, who joined on loan from New York City. For arrival while Lampard, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger criticized the move as a trick to face punishment Financial Fair Play. Understandably, the ownership of New York City is in the hands of Man City together a baseball club, the New York Yankees.

In order to face the punishment Financial Fair Play, so it is important for the City to not lose players. And that they are doing well. There is no key players last season who resigned. Front line and their quarterback is relatively safe and stable. Scored 102 goals last season is proof of how there is no problem on this team forward line.

Now just stay focused on the improvement of the back line alone. Losing three goals without reply from Arsenal in the Community Shield defense evidence Citizens fragility. In the last five games during pre-season, City have conceded seven goals. Although this fact can not be used as a benchmark since some players can not play and others do not in peak condition after the holiday after the World Cup.

Adjustments New Players

The presence of new players would make the architect, Manuel Pellegrini, had to make some adjustments. But given that many key players leave this season, the first team picture will not be too far from the previous season.

Joining Lampard and Fernando seems to be difficult to shift the main engine duo last season, namely Yaya Toure and Fernandinho. Character two players old and new are also likely identical.

At 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 scheme used Pellegrini, Toure and Fernandinho is the main engine that acts as a double pivot. Both have different roles are complementary, Toure charge more to carry out attacks. And last season was the role played by him with an almost perfect evidence Ivorian was the top score in the team. This role is similar to Lampard in Chelsea’s run before, affairs scoring ability is also not much different. His achievements as an all-time scorer with 211 goals the Blues into evidence.

While Fernando brought from Porto season had the same character other than his name is also similar to Fernandinho. Even when lowered against Arsenal, the player who changed nationals of Brazil to Portugal directly plotted duet with Yaya Toure was previously a role Fernandinho.

As the key game City, duet double shaft above it should get more attention. Lampard and Fernando should be fused with a scheme that has been established Pellegrini. Rotation is important because this season had to play in four competitions, it seems impossible to get the most out if it does not make the rotation.