Poor performing in Brunei, Put It to the U-19

Poor performing in Brunei, Put It to the U19

Poor performing in Brunei, Put It to the U-19

Jakarta High hopes are always anchored in the U19 national team for a while was achieved. They performed poorly at the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy tournament in Brunei Darussalam.

Although one game left in the group, Evan Dimas et al. has entered the box and failed to qualify for the semifinals. From their previous four games only one time series, but lost three times, including from countries that are considered still under Indonesia: Brunei and Cambodia.

Many critics point to the figure of Indra Sjafri coach mentioned stiff” in tactics and a number of statements deemed arrogant”. Rumor also that his position is threatened.

Similarly, the PSSI national team and Board are deemed too mengekploitisir U19 national team as a commodity. Even participation in the U19 tournament HBT unfortunate because a lot of the team is already scheduled before the tournament in Valencia, Spain.

Chairman of the Indonesian Football Association of Schools (ASSBI) Jursal Taufik Effendi gave six points related inputs U-19 situation at the moment. The first, he said, PSSI / BTN do not vary the program which has been designed in a sudden.

The second, Young Garuda” need to have a team of Public Relations (PR) which is especially robust to handle exposure to the U19 news by the mass media.

The third, said Taufik, BTN needs to be accompanied by a team of Technical Study Group (TSG) which consists of a minimum of 5 people, including former player, who currently holds a license B levels AFC (Asia).

The fourth, the players need to be accompanied by a team of professional psychology to restore (recovery) mentally. Due to the Asian Cup live 40 days longer,” said Taufik.

Another input is, team officials should not be changed because time is of the essence. The principle is Do not change the winning team‘. Lastly, Evan Dimas et al. need to move the location of traning camp next to a more comfortable and new, and not necessarily out of the country.