Maradona Clear to Medan, Fans Disappointed

Maradona Clear to Medan, Fans Disappointed

World football legend Diego Armando Maradona arrived in Indonesia. According to schedule, Maradona will fill a series of activities in four cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and Makassar.

However, Maradona fans in Medan to bite the fingers. The Hand of God goal’ was canceled to Medan. Though welcoming Maradona in the field, especially the Argentine star‘s admirers, was planned in Example Field Stadium. In fact, the North Division match Liga Prima Indonesia version Sportindo between PSMs versus PSBL Langsa scheduled tomorrow, Sunday, June 30, 2013 was canceled in favor of Maradona.

We are disappointed because Maradona suddenly canceled to Medan. Though we are very excited to welcome her. The committee also does not explain why Maradona suddenly canceled to Medan. Though yesterday still rumored to present a positive, said Endro, one of the fans of Maradona.

Committee visit in Medan MS Syahputra Maradona disappointed with the cancellation. I also do not know why suddenly canceled to Medan. Central committee to cancel it. Whereas in the field committee is ready, he said.

In Medan, the Son, the 1986 World Cup star is already scheduled in several activities, such as seminars Tanggo Footballand Exemplary Coaching Clinic at Stadium Field, as well as a gala dinner with her ​​fans.

Football Agency Rakyat Indonesia (BASRI), as the organizers say, the presence of Maradona in the field previously scheduled for Sunday, June 30, 2013 was eventually canceled for various reasons.

He (Maradona) reduces fatigue and asked the city to be visited. Finally we decided to cancel the visit to Medan, said Chairman BASRI Eddy Sofyan.

Yet another reason for the cancellation of a visit to Medan Maradona touted because the local committee in the Medan not pay Rp 50 million to BASRI. For according to son two days before Eddy Sofyan had contacted one of the organizers in order to send money to Rp 50 million to his account. Yet when he menghunjuk Treasurer Panpel Medan, Masdalena Lubis as a field organizer Maradona promised to supply funds to Medan.

Fund itself reason to cash BASRI Center and our demand is not fulfilled. “Because it’s beginning to doubt the existence of Eddy Sofyan who initially promised to help why suddenly ask the committee to Rp 50 million. That is the cause, he said.

Furthermore, Syahputra said, greeting the chairman Sofyan said Eddy BASRI Panpel Medan is not ready in the implementation is not true. Because, Panpel Medan itself was prepared in the implementation of the arrival of former Barcelona player.

The reason Ngada corny, but we‘ve contacted the Police Field including care of permit pegelaran Maradona Police were already in the hands of a local committee, memboking Swiss Hotel and Grand Hotel Elite, get permission to use the VIP room Badara Polonia, the cost to promote the arrival of Maradona as memgbuat pennant -umbul, banners, posters and others, he said.

As a result of such cancellation, Panpel Medan suffered losses amounting to Rp160 million. As alluded to where the funds are disbursed, Syahputra said that the fund is a private fund. We use private funds in the preparation,” he said ending the interview.