Buffon Not Want to Retire

Buffon Not Want to Retire

Buffon Not Want to Retire

Turin Not renewed contract by Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon raises the issue that he would soon retire. The news was denied by Buffon insists the agent has not been thinking of hanging up his boots.

Buffon contract with Juve remain another season and that means the middle of next year, the Italian goalkeeper passports could leave the club on a free transfer.

At the age of 36 years who had stepped on the question may be raised about the future of Buffon. Do Buffon already thinking to retire or he wishes to end his career at another club?

Although arguably talks about a new contract with the club has been running since a few months ago, but no deal has been reached to date.

Issues related to the retirement of Buffon will end this season, as his agent Silvano Martina denied the news. Buffon calls still wants to continue his career on the gridiron until an undetermined time.

Matter of the contract also does not want to Buffon hastily signed the Global Compact because he never thought to go from Turin.

Relax, you all have seen the statement Buffon, that he would play for a long time,” said Martina told Football Italia.